Para pedir algo o para permitir algo se puede usar los verbos modales que mostramos en la tabla abajo.

verbo pregunta respuesta
may May I use your telephone? Yes, you may, it's in the kitchen.
can Can I have some more tea, please? Sure, you can. Here you go.
could Could you go and get some orange juice? Sure, I go, would you like something else?
will Will you please be quiet. Ok, I'm quiet.
would Would you open the window, please? Sure, I open it.

Aparte de usar un verbo modal para pedir algo, también se puede construir con un verbo pleno.

forma ejemplo
Imperativ Open the window, please.
Imperativ Open the window, would you.
to be allowed (form.) ser permitido Is it allowed to smoke in here?
to be permitted (form.) ser permitido Are you permitted to sign this document?
do you mind... molestar Do you mind shutting up for a while?
would you mind ... molestar Would you mind to go for a walk?