14.9.1 Ejercicio 1: Los tiempos del futuro

  Ejercicio 1: Decídase por el futur I o el futuro con be-going-to
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to go The door bell rings. I and open the door.
to read He has bought a new book. He it tonight.
to call She forgot to call her boyfriend. She him now.
to wait If he says, he comes to the concert, I for him.
to greet You your teacher, when you meet her.
to write They received a postcard from her last week. They her back tonight.
to sit I decided, I down and do my homework right away.
to dream If you are older, you of youth as well.
to follow I think, we the signs to find our way back.
to drown If you don't do anything now, he .
to decide She has been thinking about it for a while, she about this issue soon.
to take He his last exam tomorrow morning.
to lead We just decided, that you our group today.
to turn Next street on the right there is the university, I left there.
to keep He found a little cat and now he it.

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