19.7.3 Ejercicio 3: Frases condicionales tipo III

Ponga el verbo en la forma que corresponde en las casillas
check o solución  
  If I (to be) you, I (to stop) smoking.
  If you (to make) less noise, we (can sleep)
I he (to have) more money, he (to buy) a bigger house.
  If we (to be disappointed) , we (to tell) you.
  They (to have) fun, if they (to try) a bit harder.
  She (to go) by bicycle, if the weather (to be) warmer.
If I (to watch) TV tonight, I (to miss) the concert at the stadium.
He (to know) more about literature, if he (to read) a book once in a while.
  If we (to leave) the car and walked more, we (to be) in much better shape.
  I (to not blame) you for murder, if you (to not have) a knife in your hand and a dead body at your feet.

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