30.5.1 Ejercicio 1: Cambio de ortografía

 Ponga en las casillas la forma que corresponda. Preste atención al hecho de que puede haber   cambios de ortografía.

check o solución
  He says, he (to study) law.
  We should have (to believe) him when we still could.
She knew he was (to lie) when he opened his mouth.
  They were still young, they did not want to (to die).
  While I was (to plan) my trip to India, everyone else worked hard.
  He did not want to, but he (to panic) when he saw the bear.
I thought, she (to try) the green dress.
Wow, I have never seen a (big) cat than yours.
  Please do not disturb; I am (to arrange) the furniture.
  They wished us (wellcome, welcome?) in their home.

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