32.11 Querer

Evidentemente un deseo puede ser expresado con los verbos to want to, to wish, to desire, to hope pero igualmente puede ser expresado con un verbo auxiliar, o sea un verbo que normalmente se usa para formar el futuro. Utilizado así pierde completamente su valor semántico orginal.

Verbo Ejemplo
will Will you come to my place and have a cup of tea?
would (querer) I would go to the Carribbean, if I had the money.
would rather (preferir) He would rather be outside and enjoy the sun instead of being at work.
would like to (querer) She would like to buy milk, eggs and some vegetables.

Con verbos modales se pueden expresar deseos de esta forma.

verbo ejemplo
to want to We always wanted to go to Italy and last year we finally made it.
to wish I wish I was rich!
to be willing to They all are willing to help us.
to insist on Despite the good results the trainer insisted on more training.

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