Negación en el simple past

Convierta estas frases afirmativas en frases negativas. Para detalles vea  capítulo 8 . Utilice la forma abreviada de la negación.

Tragen Sie die negativen Sätze im simple past ein. Details siehe Kapitel 8 . Verwenden Sie dieses Mal die verkürzte Form der Verneinung.
He went to a party yesterday and was terribly drunk.
She tried to find a new job and found one in her field.
The window opened and therefore the bird could escape.
They published the official ranking of universities for business administration.
Going for a walk made him feel much better.
The camera was able to make some very nice pictures.
If you were here, we could go to the theatre.
He found out about her affair.
We wanted to change topics all evening.
Why did you leave then?

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