Ponga las formas correctas del past perfect continuous en las casillas
Utilice estos verbos (no están en el orden correcto):
to do, to live, to get, to work, to want, to give, to read, to wait, to get, to write,
to grow (= crecer), to sell, to give, to offer, to visit
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He all day, before he came home.
She all day, now she is tired.
They here for twenty years.
We to buy a house, then two years ago, we did it.
You nothing this morning, now you don't have time anymore.
This man a book since 1980, and is not finished, yet.
She the truth, long before he told her.
They me books for every birthday for the last 15 years.
I a good price on ebay, but did not win the auction.
The flowers too much sun, therefore they did not survive the summer. (survive = sobrevivir)
He for her to come back, then he found a better girl.
We this project for too long to give it up now.
They cars, before they changed into the media-business.
Peaches on trees for a very long time.
You your uncle, before you came to my party.

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