Tranforme estas frases en frases pasivas. Recuerde que en el caso de que haya dos objetos, se puede transformar de dos maneras diferentes.
They promised him a better job.
He was promised a better job.
They called her about her new car.
She was called about her new car..
We expected better results.
Better results were espected by us..
You have called him a hundred times.
He has been called by you a hundred times.
We should have asked her first.
She should have been asked first by us..
The soldiers had destroyed the houses.
The houses had been destroyed by the soldiers.
I will be waiting for you in front of the theatre.
You will be being waited for by me in front of the theatre.
He brings the book to his sister.
His sister is brought the book by him..
She is repairing the car.
The car is being repaired by her..
We have been eating ice cream this morning.
Ice cream has been being eaten by us this morning.