20.10.3 Ejercicio 3: Imperativo como frase condicional tipo I

Cambie las frases condicionales con un imperativo siguiendo el modelo del Capítulo 20.6.

If you are over 18 years old, you can vote.  
If you drink too much, you'll be sick like a dog tomorrow.
You can go and watch TV, if you do your homework first.
You'll lose weight, if you eat less.
If you don't mind the others in your group, they'll be cross with you.
If you are as clever as your brother, you'll be offered a better job soon
If you are quiet, nobody will notice that you are here.
If the weather is nice, we can go to the beach.
I take some coffee, if you offer it.
If you drive carefully, you won't have an accident.

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