25.2.7 Verbos introductorios

verbo introductorio para afirmaciones  
  to say decir
  to tell contar
  to explain explicar
  to remark darse cuenta
  verbo introductorio para preguntas  
  to ask preguntar
  to want to know querer saber
  to wonder preguntarse
  to inquire preguntar
  verbos introductorio para órdenes  
  to ask pedir
  to tell narrar
  to order ordernar
  to command ordenar

  Discurso directo Discurso indirecto
  "I'm doing the dishes. What are your plans for tonight?" He said he was doing the dishes and asked me what my plans were for this night.
  "Did you hear the noise in the kitchen? Go and see what it is!" He asked me if I had heard that noise in the kitchen and told me to go and see what it is.

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