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Contenido Capítulo 33 Simple past de verbos irregulares

Ejercicio: Formas Simple past de verbos irregulares

  Ponga en las casillas el verbo en simple past que corresponde. Para detalles vea capítulo 8 .   Utilice: to   arrive, to start, to ask, to decide, to achieve, to love, to walk, to follow, to water,
  to need
check o solución
  I across the street with my shopping bags in my hands.
  They at ten o'clock at the hotel and went right away to the bar.
  He drinking beer and you could notice it looking at his size.
  She butter, eggs and flour to bake a cake.
  You the flowers in your neighbour's garden while they were away.
  We fixed the radio because you us to do it.
  All of you to get the minimum result in the exams.
  They what to do when they knew what the new government would be.
  I the rules as long as the others did it as well.
  He with a new project last week.